Feeling overwhelmed? Does it seem like there’s so much to do yet, you don’t know where to start, if you can start at all? Yep, life has definitely hit you with a ton of stuff all at once and it’s a lot to take in. This has been happening to me as of late and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

The past few weeks have been crazy

The good news is everything that’s happened has been a good thing. So where do I start…? I acquired a new job with a company that has an incredible culture that spans internationally, I kick started my second business venture, my jazz band has been gaining gigs like crazy, I gained another private saxophone student AND I just got a call today about performing with a big local artist! All within about a 5 week period. My life is changing at a rate that’s so fast, I’m having trouble keeping up with it. Everything is being thrown at me all at once that I’m truly feeling overwhelmed! This hasn’t happened like this before. Yet, there’s this feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness and fear. I wondered why I was feeling this way and someone brought up to me that I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and it’s true, however, I still didn’t feel that was the case. Over the next few weeks, the answer came to me at random.


I admit, I’m not the most organized person. I have a messy bedroom, office and other rooms in my residence. You can imagine the vision of business cards, papers, CDs and other media lying around everywhere. I realized that if I’m going to have continuity with the success that I’ve recently acquired, something else has to give. This is one area I know I’m going to have to clean up in my life.

Time to Get Organized!

Whatever I have to do to get organized, I’ll do it. It’s a principle of success and it comes with conscious effort. While some people have used “to-do lists,” I’ve found there are some other ways to get things done. Here’s some of the ideas I have to getting organized:

1) Establish a Priority Manager

I use priority manager as opposed to time manager. You can’t manage time as it moves whether you want it to or not but you can manage your priorities. Find out what’s most important then go do it. The more important things do first and then go down the list. If followed actively, everything will get done and you’ll still have time for everything.

2) Create a Schedule

This may seem somewhat old-fashioned but it works. There’s a reason why it still is used today. Ok, so this isn’t my idea but so what? Look at the many folks that don’t have a schedule and how everything slips out of alignment into “oh, we can’t do it today.” Yeah, that will not be me. Give it time slot and make it work. These things can flow right into your priorities. Hey if Madonna can schedule time with her kids, you can make time to do anything (yeah, you just read that)!

3) Develop a Routine

If there’s one thing I’ve already started on, it’s this. I meditate every morning and write in my gratitude diary. As of me writing this, I’ve been at it for over a month now (48 days). If you can apply that to any other area in life, there’s sure to be rewards there. Healthy, repetitive action creates massive momentum. Once it becomes habitual, it’ll feel weird not to do it. For me, if I go too long in the day without a meditation or gratitude, I stop and make myself do it. If it’s working, why stop it?

I know that part of my feeling overwhelmed is that I wasn’t organized. I’ve noticed that all the successful people I know or study have their organizational skills down to a definite science. Why not use their experience as a model? They’re where they are for a reason and I could learn a ton from that.

When did you start being an organized person? What tools and actions did you use to help become organized or that have worked for you? I’d love to get your feedback.