Many people know what it’s like to lose their jobs. It can be a harsh experience and can even lead into depression and forming of bad and destructive habits. However, not all who lose their jobs fall into a hole that takes them weeks, if not months or years to get out of. While most people who lose their jobs take it pretty hard, there are a few people who take it as a sign to go in a new direction in their life. That event opens the door to what they’ve wanted to experience most… life. My particular experience in this area left me with that gift and I cherish it everyday.

The Journey

Despite my previous post about attitude, I never really enjoyed my job to the fullest. I worked for a large international retail chain that sold modern inexpensive furniture. I found myself day-to-day dealing with massive frustrations on the job during my shift. From constant miscommunication to lack of support and everything you can think of in between, the job went from fun to tolerable to downright frustration to, “get me the **** outta here!” Mind you, in the beginning, it was fun. When I first got hired in, the job was totally enjoyable. I loved what I did, I enjoyed to people, I didn’t mind the customers. After some time, the issues around the job began to show themselves. Maybe I was looking for some of them, others revealed themselves. Regardless, the job stopped being enjoyable on any level and I would come home with more weight on my shoulders than what I brought in. It’s always interesting that many of these companies talk about how great their work culture is. After awhile, the only thing that culture could offer me was money and that’s never a good sign.

The Catalyst

There are a number of events that happened to me that led up to the event, each that played a particular part in it. Without going through each of them, I’ll point out a few that were extremely impactful.

One night a few months into this year, I had planned to head out to a business event when I got a last-minute Facebook invite about an intro to a spiritual healing modality, which just happened to be at the exact same time. I’d been to many intros to spiritual modalities over the years. Some I’ve liked, others I’ve been completely disappointed with. Yet, my intuitive side was going crazy telling me I needed to go, so I ditched my original plans and went to this intro. Really I was interested because I had actually been looking for something else as I’d gotten bored with a system I was using. There I was exposed to a modality called “Theta Healing” which totally impressed me. I liked how quick and simple the system was, something I didn’t have before. After that intro, I did a few private sessions with that person which helped me out tremendously.

The Plan

A couple of years ago, I met with a friend who is a life coach and they mentioned to me that the next job I have, I need to stay there at least 2 years. After some of the drudgery at the job I changed that goal to 1 year. After I hit that year, I celebrated and right afterward I got upset because it wasn’t what I wanted. I was actually after their goal, not mine, something I would figure out later (mind you, I have nothing against this person. They gave me something to strive for and I’m grateful for that. It just wasn’t what I wanted for myself).

I can’t remember what exactly did it but I came home from work saying to myself, “I gotta get outta here. I can’t do this anymore!” I started thinking about ways to leave my job and then I remembered something. As an entrepreneur, the best way to learn how to do something well is find a successful person you like, learn from them and then mimic them (works great in music too). I started calling my friends who made the exact transition I wanted to make and had some wonderful conversations but one in particular stood out. I spoke to one of my successful small business friends and I told him that I was looking to leave my job, what I was looking to do and I used him as a model because of how he made his transition. He had been laid off from his job and had to make a quick transition. Not exactly what how I wanted to do it but the direction was the same. I mentioned to him that I had been thinking about coaching in business. He mentioned that he could see me doing coaching in either music (which is how he knows me) or spirituality, which, ironically, I had been wanting to do for a while. What he mentioned to me before we got off the phone was he suggested to me to put together a 3-6 month “exit plan” that would allow me to leave the job on my terms, comfortably. After that conversation, “The Plan” was born.

The Catalyst Meets The Plan

During one of my private healing sessions, the healer mentioned that she was doing  basic and advanced certification classes for Theta. I was excited and signed up for them. By that time I had already revised the plan and was showing people. When I showed it to the healer, who was now my teacher, she liked it and gave me something else to add to it, which I did. I went through both the healing courses and figured out that I could plug Theta Healing into the plan. At this point, it wasn’t an option, it was a necessity. The tools I learned through Theta healing were phenomenal and life altering. I went home and started working with myself and clearing a lot of old programming that didn’t serve me anymore.

Over the weeks after that I tried to book readings with friends and was unsuccessful. During that time, I would continue to work on myself and clear old patterns and programming. One day, I came across something I couldn’t get through so I called my teacher to help me out. What we came across was an old program that dealt with “humiliation” and being humiliated. I was allowing it in and it was stopping me from taking certain steps in my life. Once that was cleared, the feeling that came through was amazing! It’s something that was indescribable. I felt reinvigorated and had a level of confidence that I never had before. This would come to be in service later.

The Event

The very next day at work, I was closing in which I was left alone in my department during a very busy sale period. That alone was frustrating but even more is that I never had help until the end of the night. After the store closed, I was preparing deliveries for the next day with one of my managers and another co-worker when we noticed an order had not been completed that was going out the next day. The cart was overloaded of heavy glass desktops so as my coworker and I went to pull them off, the cart tipped over and fell on me, scrapping my knee. Ironically, the previous shift two days earlier, I was unloading an overloaded cart which also fell on me so I was furious. I got off the ground, walked over to the desk, grabbed my empty water bottle, launched it at the wall, screamed “f*** this,” and walked off. I took a lap around the store just to cool down because I was so heated. I returned to find security and an HR person waiting for me. They escorted me upstairs and had me clock out and go home. The next shift I came in, I was called upstairs by HR and fired, to which I replied, “that’s fine.” I left the building, hopped in my car drove off and started thinking about what I was going to do. I knew I had to start making moves around things I’d been planning for a month. Suddenly during the drive home, I started smiling. I was so happy to be fired. I finally had the opportunity to do the things I wanted to do that I’ve been talking about for so long. I finally had to opportunity to live my passions without having to schedule around a debilitating job. When I got home, I booked two Theta sessions and a music gig and by the next week I had 4 scheduled readings.

The Next Chapter

On the 5 week anniversary today of me being fired from my job, I finally decided to sit down and reminisce about that small journey. Since then, I’ve done a number of Theta Healing sessions, played a number of music shows and have more coming up and have continued opportunities come to me through music, spirituality and entrepreneurship. I’m glad that I got fired from my job. It was one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever had. Because at the end of the day, the truth was simple:

I wanted to be impactful, I wanted to be of service, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to live my passions, and I knew I couldn’t do it at my job.

Re-read that if you have to. In the past I took being fired from a job pretty hard because I didn’t have a system in place that could help me out. What Theta Healing gave me was a system that I could implement into my life effortlessly and effectively. It’s also helped me post-job as well. Since I got fired, I have released all my resentments with everything associated with the job and all the people. I don’t regret that experience at all. I learned a lot from it. I grew so much in the 14 months I spent there. However, I’m not the employee type. Something I learned long ago but never embraced. I’m an artist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a healer. I’m a teacher.

I know this is a lengthy read and I’ve gotten used to creating shorter posts but this one was necessary. As I begin to transition into a new chapter in life, I feel it’s important to let people know I’m a real person. I come with stuff but I can and have worked through that stuff. As I continue to journey on the path of mastery, I will come across more episodes like this. Probably not this severe but if it is, I’ll be ready with a system and structure to help me get through it.

Have you ever lost your job? How did it make you feel? What were the steps you took to get beyond that event and transition forward? Please leave your comments below. Hope you enjoyed the long read 🙂