This is a guest post from the blog Prolific Living. I’ve been a fan of Farnoosh Brock and her writing and I enjoy the topics she chooses to post about. Much like myself, Farnoosh is a believer that you can live your passions and live more than one at a time, which she currently does and constantly talks about it. During the many phases of my own transition, her posts have actually helped me through some major shifts. I actually can remember reading her very first post and thinking of how much it applied to my situation at the time. Fast forward a couple years, her blog has blossomed and she has tons of readers and followers. This particular post grabbed me as this was just after the time I got fired and it was a comforting post to read and inspiring for me to take the next steps forward. Enjoy the read and be sure to visit Farnoosh’s blog!


Which Life Are You Living?

You either do what you want in life and deal with all the stuff that gets in your way. Or you live with a regret in your heart. I want to highly encourage you to go for the first one. That’s the right track!

See. There are two lives you could live.


One is the life of doing what you are already doing, what you have been told and taught to do, and also dreading it, wanting to escape it and wondering if there is more (there is) to your life and your purpose.

You feel almost nothing as you go through your normal routines except perhaps boredom, fatigue, mild resentment and a little growing sarcasm about life in general.

And then there is the life of going for what you want, all else be damned.

Deep down, maybe you weren’t meant to be an employee (first you need to exit that job) – maybe you were meant to be a writer, or a lifeguard, or a quiet encourager for a youth group, or on a mission to save Mountain Gorillas from going into extinction.

Deep down, you have a beautiful purpose – that’s a fact – and one day, you stand up and decide to honor the darn thing, come what may.

And guess what? You then open yourself to a whole new world you never knew before.

You experience emotions you didn’t even know you had. Terror. Exhilaration. Grappling with uncertainty. Insecurity. Questioning your self-worth and self-confidence. And most of all, entertaining the thoughts of doubt and fear.

I know. I’ve felt them all and I still feel them frequently. The emotions do not go away – how I wish. What happens is you become stronger and readier to handle them. They are still there but they lose their hold over you. Ha! You win!

And just in case you are feeling scared and insecure right now, I wanted to remind you the things you already know but may need to hear again.

12 Reasons to Keep Going When You Feel Scared and Insecure

1. You’re on the right track:

When you are scared, it’s a sign you are doing the right thing by being outside your comfort zone. Of course that scares you! You and everyone else, darling. But it also means you are on the right track, you are meant to go down this road, even if you arrived here after a lot of wrong turns.

2. You’re going to regret it if you quit:

If you’ve never regretted something, it’s like the bitter taste of ash in your mouth, and a sulky heavy feeling in your heart. Both come with no cure. Best to avoid that whole mess and not discover at the end of your life that you didn’t really live and fulfill these desires for a little fear and insecurity. Right? Don’t give your power away to regret.

3. You’ll never find a better time than right now:

This now, this present moment is all you can be certain that you have. Our tomorrows are a promise, not a fact. You hope to live a long life, so do I, sure, but the truth is there’s no better time than right now to do what you want to do. Delay at your own risk!

To read the rest of the post, please click here to go to Prolific Living. When you’re done reading, come back and discuss how you keep going through adversity of any kind.