We think masks are just for parties and some sports, yet, many people wear them everyday. People, unbeknown to them, have been socially conditioned to wear a mask. We’ve been trained to wear a mask to look good in front of people; bosses, love interests, friends, you name it. Of course looking good makes us feel good yet, many are unhappy with their lives. Wearing the mask everyday is exhausting and depressing yet we don’t understand why. If our conditioning has truly taught us anything, it’s that the most important thing is survival. Forget everything about achieving, living your dreams or thriving. Forget reaching for the sky and being your best. It’s not about any of that. We’ve been taught to survive, and what better way to survive than to conform, to blend in, to hide. If our eyes are a window to the soul, a mask is a window to the freak show. Wearing the mask signs us up for the freak show and we are its stars.

“Do they love you or the mask you put on everyday” ~ Shimika Bowers

Wearing a mask was not the norm in the beginning. In Caroline McHugh’s TED talk, she talks about how children are the most authentic up until around the age of 7, which is when they start to truly experience consciousness. They they become self conscious about themselves and notice what others are doing that they can’t do. They then develop labels and label each other, the first masks.

When you watch Caroline’s TED talk, you realize how people take on roles as they grow up. What’s even more interesting is that many people found they don’t have to be themselves. They can just switch masks and be someone else if they want. While the mask certainly helps them cope with the world, it also keeps them miserable. People are very afraid of taking off their masks. They see all their scars, all the pain they’ve endured, all their fears. The mask keeps them safe so they don’t have to look at these things yet, we must if we want something greater. If we truly want to heal, we must be willing to remove the mask once and for all and let go of everything that we’ve held on to for safety.

In order to raise our consciousness level and thrive not just survive, we must heal on a subconscious and cellular DNA level. One of the best ways is to look at the core beliefs that run us. The beliefs in our subconscious have been running us our entire lives and govern our behaviors and thoughts. Many of them have been passed down from our family and ancestors and have a direct effect on our current belief system. Some studies have shown that fears and phobias can be passed on to the next generation. Many of these beliefs have served us a one point in time but may be holding us back now. As our subconscious is designed to keep us safe, it sees everything that isn’t familiar as a threat and we sabotage ourselves to stay safe. This is why core belief work is extremely important.

So where do we start? What do we look at first? There’s no concrete place to start as everything is important to look at. You can start with your fears. Fears about failure, success, relationships, etc. Look at your relationships with people, your resentments and grudges, regrets, rejections. Look at any vows, oaths, or contracts you made in this lifetime or a previous lifetime (if you believe in that) that may have served you then but holds you back now. You can look at past lives and see what’s still serving you now and what lessons you’ve learned from that. There’s a lot to look at and each discovery gets you closer to your authentic self where you get to live your truth.

Once you become the authentic being you were born to be, you can take back your power you’ve given away to the mask. It’s no longer attractive nor is it safe. You can truly live your truth and be genuine. As we raise our consciousness, our inner God begins to awaken and we no longer need our masks. As the world becomes evermore conscious, people will see that wearing a mask is no longer worth it, and the planet’s consciousness will rise. We will truly enter a state of Oneness. Are you ready to take off your mask yet? It’s time to step into your power and live your truth!