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Heal Yourself First


I’ve never met a person who doesn’t want to change something in their life. There are so many people who are looking for something greater in their lives and they want change sooner rather than later. In our early experiences, we thought that by changing everything around us it would result in our lives being better. We changed everything we had. Didn’t like the people we hung out with so we changed our friends. Hated our jobs so we got a new one. Bought a new car, new clothes, even moved to a better neighborhood. We changed everything around around us except the one thing that mattered most… ourselves. While there’s nothing wrong with changing our exterior world, it’s the interior world that creates the largest impact.

Looking In The Mirror

No one likes to look at themselves when it comes to change. It’s one of the hardest things to do. You see all the ugliest parts of yourself, maybe what you’ve done to other people, and how it’s impacted everything in your world. Not only do you have to look at it but you have to then acknowledge it. Who wants to do that? Who wants to see the darkest side of themselves, the shadow side we all desperately try to hide from everyone? No one. It’s so scary and challenging that most people will give up and say something like, “That’s just the way I am.” No they’re not. They’re actually so much more but they’ve been programmed into being a certain way by life’s experiences. Statements like that are a way to justify being a certain way so people won’t have to look at themselves. However, looking outside without ever looking within, creates more of the same results. A quote I heard years ago said,

“If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you always got.” 

It was that quote (2 separate quotes actually) that got me thinking about changing myself. What I came to learn later in my spiritual journey, is that change really meant healing and that it wasn’t enough just to change but to heal. Creating a healing created a more lasting and often permanent change.

Heal Thyself

The biggest challenge in doing healing work on yourself is starting. Especially in the beginning, everything seems daunting. We’re so afraid of what we might see and that’s what usually stops people. So many questions pop up like, “What will happen if I heal this? What will I lose or gain?” When it comes healing, it’s important to look at all our beliefs and fears. Throughout the healing process, things will naturally fall away and others will come in as the Universe well give us what we need. We attract everything in our lives based on our current belief system, not just our thoughts. We have to take responsibility for everything in our lives because we’re responsible for it. We’ve created it. When we begin to heal ourselves, things will naturally change. We no longer need them for any additional lessons or teachings.  It may look like things may be falling apart needlessly, but they’re actually falling in place. There’s no need to be afraid of it. It just takes some getting used to.

Healing Is A Journey

When we make the choice to heal, we choose to heal on a deep level rather than look at surface changes. In ThetaHealing®, we look at the subconscious beliefs that are keeping you in your current state. Healing at the subconscious level will create a true change and transform your life and how you look at it. Each of us have the ability to heal. We are all healers in our own right, whether we see it or not. There are many different paths to healing and each person’s path will look different, as we all deal with things in our own way. Healing also takes time. So many beliefs have been compounded over the years so it may take some time to remove them. For starters, I recommend that you don’t do this alone. Find a teacher or someone who can help you in your journey. Be open to any tools that come your way. There are many great spiritual and energy tools in addition to ThetaHealing®. Also, you may have multiple teachers in your journey. That’s perfectly fine. It took me years before I found ThetaHealing®. I went through a number of people and experiences, introductions and meditations before it showed up in my life and when it did, I was ready for it. If it doesn’t come right away, that’s fine. Everything happens right when it’s supposed to. Just be open to it and you’ll receive it.

Healing is a journey. There’s no right path for anyone. It’s lots of experiences, lots of experimenting. One great thing that opens up as you begin to heal is your intuition. Once you have access to that, you’ll know where to go by feeling it out. Happy healing!


My New York Trip; A Personal Paradigm Shift

This was taken from the van as we entered Manhattan.

The past number of weeks have been a blur for me. I spent about a month rehearsing for a show in New York City with a band that I play in. The artist, who’s been signed to a major label, I’ve played with since June and the label set up a show for her for industry people.  The band packed up a van with all our music gear and clothing and we drove 10 hours to NYC. The label put us up in a hotel in lower Manhattan and from there another band member and I did some exploring. We ate the local food (too much deliciousness to talk about) and we also experienced a NY jazz jam session. MUCH different than the Detroit sessions I’m used to but awesome nonetheless. These musicians were on another level.

The next day, we did some minor sightseeing and even rode the subway for the first time before prepping for our show. We arrived at the venue, got setup and waited for showtime. When we got on stage, it was a strange feeling but all we did was what we’ve done before… put on a great show. The show went very well and everyone loved us. After the show, we were invited to an after party with some of the label people and industry moguls. It was at that after party that I realized that I had taken a major step forward in my life. Oh sure, the free food and drinks were great but when you’re sitting in a room with people from MTV, New York radio stations and sitting down and talking to and breaking bread with the COO of EMI, you realize that you’ve truly accomplished something major in life. It was awesome to make some great contacts in the room and I wish I could’ve spoken with everyone there but I did plenty of talking We spent an additional day in NYC  and got to hang in Brooklyn before coming home.

New Realizations

When I got home and woke up the next morning, I had to sit in awe of what just happened. I didn’t just go to New York to play music, I was living my passion! I wasn’t just playing music, I was traveling and playing music! Something that I’ve always wanted to do in my life even when I was singing, long before I picked up a saxophone. I lived something I’d only dreamed about before.

Along Come New Appreciations

One of the things I realized is that the end product was a result of everything I’ve done in the past. Unfortunately, I have a terrible habit of not giving myself enough credit for the things I do. In this case, I had to reflect on my past experiences. All of the time I spent practicing, rehearsing, going to jam sessions, taking gig opportunities whether they were “right” or not and ultimately, performing, I gained a new appreciation for. I realized that I didn’t get this opportunity by sitting on my hands and waiting for a call, I earned it! I created it by doing all of the fore mentioned things. I put lots of time into my craft and I saw the fruits of the labor firsthand. There’s nothing greater than knowing you created something.

Next Journey

This experience was more than I could ask for. In the end, I feel like this trip humbled me. I learned things about myself that I never would’ve learned. I saw a place I’ve never seen and always wanted to visit. I gained an appreciation for the growth process that I didn’t before. I also learned to be grateful for each experience. There’s a lesson to learn in everything but also to cherish those experiences because they may never come again. From this point, I’m not exactly sure where to go but I do know one thing… I want to continue to have these experiences. I want to continue to have fun and live my passion on a daily basis. I feel like everyone needs an experience like this because it puts everything everyone taught them into perspective. I think my next goal will be to create a set of goals to accomplish. Something I’ve never done before.

As for NYC, I don’t know when, but I’ll be back for sure!

Life Moving Too Fast? Get Organized!

Feeling overwhelmed? Does it seem like there’s so much to do yet, you don’t know where to start, if you can start at all? Yep, life has definitely hit you with a ton of stuff all at once and it’s a lot to take in. This has been happening to me as of late and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

The past few weeks have been crazy

The good news is everything that’s happened has been a good thing. So where do I start…? I acquired a new job with a company that has an incredible culture that spans internationally, I kick started my second business venture, my jazz band has been gaining gigs like crazy, I gained another private saxophone student AND I just got a call today about performing with a big local artist! All within about a 5 week period. My life is changing at a rate that’s so fast, I’m having trouble keeping up with it. Everything is being thrown at me all at once that I’m truly feeling overwhelmed! This hasn’t happened like this before. Yet, there’s this feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness and fear. I wondered why I was feeling this way and someone brought up to me that I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and it’s true, however, I still didn’t feel that was the case. Over the next few weeks, the answer came to me at random.


I admit, I’m not the most organized person. I have a messy bedroom, office and other rooms in my residence. You can imagine the vision of business cards, papers, CDs and other media lying around everywhere. I realized that if I’m going to have continuity with the success that I’ve recently acquired, something else has to give. This is one area I know I’m going to have to clean up in my life.

Time to Get Organized!

Whatever I have to do to get organized, I’ll do it. It’s a principle of success and it comes with conscious effort. While some people have used “to-do lists,” I’ve found there are some other ways to get things done. Here’s some of the ideas I have to getting organized:

1) Establish a Priority Manager

I use priority manager as opposed to time manager. You can’t manage time as it moves whether you want it to or not but you can manage your priorities. Find out what’s most important then go do it. The more important things do first and then go down the list. If followed actively, everything will get done and you’ll still have time for everything.

2) Create a Schedule

This may seem somewhat old-fashioned but it works. There’s a reason why it still is used today. Ok, so this isn’t my idea but so what? Look at the many folks that don’t have a schedule and how everything slips out of alignment into “oh, we can’t do it today.” Yeah, that will not be me. Give it time slot and make it work. These things can flow right into your priorities. Hey if Madonna can schedule time with her kids, you can make time to do anything (yeah, you just read that)!

3) Develop a Routine

If there’s one thing I’ve already started on, it’s this. I meditate every morning and write in my gratitude diary. As of me writing this, I’ve been at it for over a month now (48 days). If you can apply that to any other area in life, there’s sure to be rewards there. Healthy, repetitive action creates massive momentum. Once it becomes habitual, it’ll feel weird not to do it. For me, if I go too long in the day without a meditation or gratitude, I stop and make myself do it. If it’s working, why stop it?

I know that part of my feeling overwhelmed is that I wasn’t organized. I’ve noticed that all the successful people I know or study have their organizational skills down to a definite science. Why not use their experience as a model? They’re where they are for a reason and I could learn a ton from that.

When did you start being an organized person? What tools and actions did you use to help become organized or that have worked for you? I’d love to get your feedback.

Defining Success, Part 3: Passions

pas·sion   [pash-uhn]


1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

3. a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.
4. the object of such a fondness or desire: Accuracy became a passion with him.

5. an outburst of strong emotion or feeling: He suddenly broke into a passion of bitter words.
“A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.” ~ Charles Schwab
Unlimited enthusiasm! That stands out strongly for me. I look at some of the most successful people in their respective professions and they have an endless love for what they do. There are so many people I know who wouldn’t trade what they do now for someone else. Whether they are musicians, small business owners or young business professionals, their love for their work keeps them going daily.
Passions are the things that we could do even if we lost everything. For me, you couldn’t take away my passion for music and culture as those are extremely important to me, even when I’m deep in a financial hole. I put that out there because while money is important to being able to live it’s not the definitive to what you like and love (unless you’re that guy/gal who loves money and yes, they do exist and they’re not always rich). Here’s an exercise to try for you:
Write down 3-5 things your passionate about.
This is a cool exercise that spawned off of a class I took. The passions don’t have to be what you will be in 20 years or so, although they can be, but what you would like to be doing now. So try this exercise with the following guidelines:
1) Write your passion in action words (doing, being, feeling). I am loving my significant other with all my heart.
2) What would you be doing if money wasn’t an option. Remember: Money may be an essential but it’s not the definitive. You get to decide that.
3) If you’re thoughts go negative, (ie. Getting away from ___) turn them around to the opposite (Being in a place of ____). Keep this a positive exercise. What you put out you bring about.
I would also recommend seeking out a course or exercise that helps bring out your passions. For me, that tool was a class literally called, The Passion Test. I was first exposed to it by one of my friends in the area who is a passion test facilitator and is also her business. She enjoys helping people discover their passions and live them without making money the prime focus (or fear would be the better substitute). That class helped me gain more focus in my life as I was able to see it in black and white. Once you put it where you can see it, it just means more, especially if you’re a person who has problems expressing themselves like me.
I believe that there’s nothing greater in life than to do what you love, even when money is involved. For me, it’s making that transition to doing what I don’t want to do into fitting everything in. In the end, we’re never given more than we can handle but that’s a conversation for another time.
What is something that you absolutely LOVE to do without thinking hard about? Has it kept you going even when you were down? Please discuss and leave me your comments!

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